In 2017, Partners Demetri Tsolakis and Stefanos Ougrinis (also of Krasi Meze & Wine) the duo first introduced GreCo to Newbury Street and the concept has since been embraced with award winning fanfare. At GreCo guests can experience not only authentic street fare but also meraki – doing something with soul, creativity, or love – when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing, wherever it may be.

GreCo has found a delicious way to blend quality and convenience – and take street fare to a whole new level. From gyros filled with the highest quality, free range chicken, beef and pork to soups and salads made with local vegetables, the chefs prepare Greek fare fast – with no compromise on fresh. The menu at  GRECO  showcases authentic gyros, salads, house made dips such as tzatziki, along with feta fries, and authentic Greek beverages.


*Each partner in Hub Hall sets their own hours. If GreCo happens to be closed, we will direct you to a list of open partners.